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Positive Psychology and Life Coaching

There are many different types of life coaches available for you to work with for mental health, clarity, and even tuning your mind, body, spirit for optimal physical, emotional, and spiritual health.

A positive psychology life coach experience will usually be the best type for looking and moving forward with an uplifting, forward progressional momentum in your life.

Usually therapy would be the best path if you are looking to go back into the past trauma and difficult circumstances in your life for self awareness and for in depth healing and nurturing and loving your previous self.

Life coaching is different in that it isn’t really interested in looking for a “why” you are the way you are, but more about looking at who you really are and now what you can do with the truth of your own power.

When searching for a life coach in your area, consider asking whether they are positive psychology based or growth mindset based coaches that will really help you build resilience and a path forward with the right tools.

For more information on coaching and positive psychology as a combination that works very well, watch the following video: