Paleo Diet – Fad or Legitimately Healthy?

paleo smoothiesYou’ve seen the bestselling books, the blogs, the celebrity’s raving, the media all talking about it. The Paleo Diet.

And so, is it a legitimately healthy choice or is it just a passing fad that will one day be called out for a fraud that could have unhealthy consequences?

The paleo diet consists of fruits, veggies, meats – anything that would have been available to you as food as a caveman in the paleolithic era, would be fair game for modern day paleo diet adopters.

So did the cavemen have wisdom in their food choices?

In a way, they definitely did. Food did not have to be mass produced for big populations. Food was local, it was organic, and it was straight from the planet to the table. Simple food model. Extremely healthy.

Along came big population booms, and suddenly we had to find ways to adapt through mass food growth, processing foods for simplicity, ease and comfort. All of this led to many unhealthy food choices as a culture.

Paleo diet is a great choice for all and can be as simple as preparing paleo smoothies that consist of mostly fruit, greens, and veggie proteins, or can be as complex as culinary full course dinner meals.

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The State of Health in Portland Oregon

portland health clinicI love the Pacific Northwest.

I’ve been drawn to it over the course of my entire life.

The natural beauty. The cool air. The mountains. The rivers. The ocean. All of it, so majestic and beautiful.

And so I finally just picked up and moved here.

I landed in PDX – Portland, Oregon. And its amazing.

I am absolutely loving this city, and all of its quirky weirdness.

This is a city for entrepreneurship, health, alternative thinking, progressive ideals lived out, and culture, just beautiful culture.

Being focused in the health space as a career, it’s important to me to get a good sense for the climate of the health industry overall here in Portland. And I’ve been delightfully surprised. The progressive meets traditional, but not traditional in the Western Medicine sense… traditional in the Eastern Medicine sense.

From a wide range of acupuncturists to massage therapists to chinese herbalists to reiki healers, and much, much more, Portland Oregon has it all going on.

One Portland health clinic in particular I’ve been really impressed with is Watershed Community Wellness. They seem to have a very broad range of all of the above, and the people there really know healing and alternative medicine. They are truly gifted and their service and friendliness cannot be matched, and as an added bonus they are totally reasonable and affordable in price!

As I continue as a coach and consultant in the integrative health, I will continue to seek out great partners, like I’ve found with Watershed Community Wellness, in the Portland area.

Go Healthy PDX!

Jonathan James

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